Marketing to Moms: Not All Social Media Is Equal

July 9, 2009 § Leave a comment

Moms are using digital technologies more than ever before – they are 32 million who have children under 18 and are online, which translates to 40% of all women online.

And the number of moms using social media regularly has grown from 11% in 2006 to 63% today, according to social surveys conducted by BabyCenter U.S.  In fact, more Moms interact with social networks than with news sites, proving that social media is definitely mainstream.

Why Moms trust social media sites

But not all social media is equal.  Different sites are used for different purposes. Social networks like Facebook are used for socializing and entertainment, while Mom-centric sites are used for information and counsel from fellow parents. 

Not surprising, the BabyCenter’s “21st Century Moms Report”, found that 44% of respondents used social media for recommendations on brands and products.  Seventy-three percent felt that online communities focused on their specific interests provided trustworthy information on products and services.

And 72% of moms surveyed believe that sharing similar experiences and having children the same age enable them to trust other moms.

Moms average 109 word-of-mouth conversations per week

The ability to crowd-source your problems or needs is a powerful tool for Moms.  And they are eager to share their own experiences with others.  Moms average 109 word-of-mouth conversations pre week about products, services and brands.  Pregnant and new mothers have one-third more word-of-mouth conversations per day than women in general. 

Moms as media and target

Tapping into the powerful relationship of Moms to Moms and providing useful and relevant information in a trusted environment should be the goal of all marketers.   Moms have varied special interests beyond parenting but the same rules apply. They are not afraid to seek advice or offer opinions to both known and anonymous like-minded friends.  In fact, Moms become the media within social media sites so it is incumbent upon marketers to choose their social media environments based on the needs and desires of their specific audience.  One thing about communications has not changed – targeting is still important.



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