Marketing to Moms: Moms Still Feeling the Recession at the Dinner Table

July 30, 2009 § Leave a comment

Here are a few more facts on why the recession won’t be over until Moms say so.

According to the June NPD report, “What’s on the Minds of Moms, and How They’re Coping Today”, moms with children under 18, are responsible for feeding 141 million individuals.  That is a staggering number because it represents 46 percent of the U. S. population!

NPD’s National Eating Trends®, which has tracked the daily eating habits of Americans since 1980, reports that moms with kids under 18 prepare 290 dinner meals annually, which, collectively, amounts to 10.2 billion dinners prepared by moms in the U.S. each year.

How the Recession Affects the Dinner Table

As the major influence on the American dinner table, it is interesting to see how mothers are coping during this recessionary period.  Not surprising is the fact that they are trying to save money on grocery purchases.  The ways they are coping include use of discount stores, substituting brands, comparing prices and using store brands more often.

Top 5 Claimed Ways that Moms’ Shopping Habits Have Changed, (versus 12 months ago):

#1 Using Walmart or other discount stores more often

#2 Buying less expensive brands more often

#3 Stocking up more often to take advantage of sales

#4 Searching store circulars more often for low prices

#5 Choosing store brands more often

Source: The NPD Group/What’s on the Minds of Moms and How They’re Coping Today

Yankelovich reports that 55% of consumers report cutting back on grocery spending in the last few months.  And where is that money going?  Most is being spent on paying for necessities such as gas, utilities and paying down on debt.

Until the fear is gone and Moms feel like they have some budget breathing room, the recession will still be felt in the retail sector.



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