Marketing to Moms: The Multi-tasking Mom on the Job

August 4, 2009 § 2 Comments

Working Moms know that their time is precious and that it takes both multi-tasking and a part of  their work day to do all the things that they need to do in 24 hours.

A poll reveals that 63 percent of women admit to taking care of personal matters on the job.  In fact, a survey conducted by AOL and found that women spend more than two hours of non-approved break time a day.

The truth is everyone has to take care of some personal things during the day.  Tasks like insurance, car registration, teacher meetings and doctor appointments are just some of things that do not fit into a 9 to 5 job.  But what are the things that take up most of our time?

Here’s what found:

40% instant message friends

70% shop online

78% pay bills

61% book vacations

53% have their hair done

37% actually do their nails at work

What can marketers learn from this? The timing of marketing messages in media, emails and social media is important and should be timed to meet the working woman’s schedule.  Messages as women commute, get settled into answering emails, lunch time and that all important “what are we having for dinner” 4 p.m. time period are all windows of opportunity.

One of the most important ways to determine the best times is to chart a consideration path map, or customer journey that allows you to walk in Mom’s heels for a moment.

And lest employers fret over this “personal time”, it seems that the 40-hour work week is a myth.  The National Sleep Foundation finds that the average American works a 46-hour work week, with some 38% of the respondents working more than 50 hour weeks.  And with smart phones and laptops, it seems that most of us are checking in even during off hours and vacations.



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