Marketing to Moms: Why We Buy Online

August 5, 2009 § Leave a comment

What are the main reasons that women choose to shop online? Well, here are some of mine.  See if you can relate.

Save time

With carpools, committee meetings, exercise and work schedules, who has three hours to spend in the mall these days leisurely walking from store to store?  There are many things that have to be purchased, and I don’t have the time to spend window shopping.  But armed with my favorite magazine, I have lots of ideas of where to go online to fulfill my needs.


We have all been there. Sitting at our desk and ready to tackle our To Do list. Grab the credit card, and surf with a mission. Nothing makes you feel organized like knocking off those birthday, Christmas and wedding gifts in a 15 minute shopping spree online.  Honey Baked Hams knows me on a first name basis and keeps up with all my relatives’ addresses and preferred shipping times.

Specialty shopping and selection

My son needs lacrosse gear, and I don’t have a clue where you might buy equipment in our city, but a specialized site makes the shopping event informed and easy.  He also likes an extremely hard to find running sock, and it’s much easier to find it online than trolling running shops.  And yes, he is spoiled. 

Research a product

I had to have one of those Flip video cameras, and Amazon is my go-to place for research.  They even recommend the accessories that you need to go with it.  I found out that online I can have the exterior customized.  Since my camera was recently stolen, I like the idea of having it customized.  

And where else (but online) can you find that obscure book that someone mentioned at a meeting and all you can remember is the first two words of the name of the book.

Get a better value

Yes, I have succumbed to several fashion shopping sites like Rue La La and Shop It To Me that send alerts to when there is a special sale of my favorite designer or retailer.  I have gotten great deals that make me feel smart and savvy.  Okay, so I really didn’t need that last pair of Pumas I ordered, but ‘they were on sale’.  And during the holidays, those special online sales alerts and Black Friday sites are essential. 

[Oh, by the way, this year Wal-Mart will open at 5 a.m. and Target will open at 6 a.m. on Black Friday.  BTW, Cyber Monday racked up $846 million in sales in 2008, up 15% from the year before, in a recession.]


Do you really want the world to know that you are so crazy about your dog that you buy special handmade halters for him?  Or that you are a two-size top and bottom suit buyer?  Or that you have to buy two sizes of shoes to actually fit your husband’s feet?  Some things we just want to keep to ourselves.


I have purchased cupcakes from the famous Beverly Hills Sprinkles and had them delivered for my son’s birthday.  I have purchased gift cards and sent them online to the recipient, and I have made online reservations for restaurants I was traveling to.  And of course, there is NO NORDSTROM’S in Nashville, so I regularly peruse their site for the latest sales and shoe selection. 


Well, here’s a breakthrough thought.  Sometimes we just like the convenience of doing things our way, when we want to do them.  Sometimes, it’s 10:27 p.m. on a Sunday night, and it’s the first time I have thought about my daughter’s new job and I want to send her flowers for the next week.  No hassle that crazy ProFlowers knows me and has my info all there.  Just a couple of clicks and Katie has a rose bouquet from her Mom on her desk on Tuesday. 

Maybe you, too, can relate to my shopping online because, well, it’s just easier most times.



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