Marketing to Moms: Diapers Meet Reality Show

August 25, 2009 § Leave a comment

In general, most reality shows are not about reality.  But P&G Pampers brand has actually launched a Web series that is about real life couple dealing with the issues of first-time pregnancy and parenting.   The online series chronicles a real couple sharing their experiences in becoming parents from learning the sex of the child to dealing with body changes that happen to Moms along the way.

This is really a savvy addition to the Pampers marketing efforts.  The 12 webisodes will run on, YouTube and DirecTV On Demand.  TLC will also promote the show.AParentIsBorn

Pampers is really connecting with digital Moms who are hungry for information and want it delivered in an authentic manner.  Their website is rich with content and the webisodes provide true connection, without smacking of overt marketing.  In fact, diapers are rarely mentioned. 

These webisodes are not replacing other media.  Pampers will continue to use television, print and direct mail to support the brand.  But webisodes offer a caring connection for Moms that says we understand you.

Check it out by clicking here.



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