Marketing to Moms: Mom as Major

August 26, 2009 § Leave a comment

My sweet 6’2” hunk of a son graduated this summer from Marine Officer Candidate School, an ambitious task that takes brains and brawn in this new era of nation building warfare.

I had just purchased a new Flip camera that I employed to ask him how he felt to be “out” of training.  (This is the point at which I apologize for not including the video, but better judgment kicked in!)  His reply was that “It’s good not having to answer to anyone, except of course, you Mom.”

Good answer.  And true.  It seems that somehow society has missed the fact that Mom is more than a tattoo.  She serves as the commanding officer of the home battalion, also functioning as Treasurer, Head Buyer and Logistics Officer. MomasMajor

In case no one’s noticed, U.S. Moms control more than 80% of household spending, or $1.7 trillion dollars. 

And by the way, a Mom may be CEO of major corporation, and she still thinks that her job as Mom is the still the most important role in her life.  In fact, the most profound change to our lifestyle and shopping habits is the presence of a child. 

And another interesting fact is the relationship between mother and child.  No longer is the “nag” effect in place; rather, there is a new relationship between mother and child that some have coined the “four-eyed, four-legged” consumer.  Moms and their kids confer on decisions from everything from “what’s for dinner” to “where should we go for vacation”.

Children are much more likely to seek the advice of their parents than they have in the past.   And when they talk about things, a little different dynamic takes place.  When acting along, a Mom might not buy a novelty toy, and her child might not buy it (seems kids are stingy with their own money), but put the two together and something different happens.  Moms like to see their kids happy and also feel a desire to teach them good purchase habits.  Kids like the reinforcement of a parent decision.

So, it seems that while Mom is the Major, the kids have an official role in the spending – an important fact for marketers to embrace.



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