Mom Bloggers: A Direct Path for Brands to Reach Mom

September 1, 2009 § 3 Comments

blogherConsumer brands have realized the potential for reaching Moms through bloggers, and are turning to blogs and social media as an influential path to women.   The facts are clear:

Moms control more than 80% of household spending at $1.7 trillion dollars.

  • Moms with at least one child between the ages of 6 and 17 spend an average of 10.74 hours online each week.
  • Half turn to web sites at least once a week to find out about family-oriented products or services
  • Nearly 37% learn about new products through online ads and nearly 46% turn to search engines.
  • The number one driver of word of mouth among moms is the internet.

(Source:  Marketing News: C&R Research, Johnson & Johnson.)

Brands from Walmart to Frito-Lay are vying for sponsorship on popular blogs, using all kinds of methods, including lots of swag.  Some readers have even complained that they can no longer trust their favorite blogger’s advice.

But there is a warning for brands.  Not all bloggers take the time to check their facts, letting opinions fly and mixing their opinions with fact.  Most bloggers are not journalists.  And only recently have efforts begun to enforce accountability, with the creation of Blog with Integrity, a group of bloggers who created a pledge that expresses their commitment to a code of blogging conduct. 

I love the last line of their pledge.  Words to live by for all of us –

“I own my words.  Even if I occasionally have to eat them.”


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§ 3 Responses to Mom Bloggers: A Direct Path for Brands to Reach Mom

  • Take a look at our website We are a trade magazine with a print magazine & website. The fcc has recently cracked down on the mommy bloggers fining them up to $11,000 per offense as they haven’t been upfront about charging thousands of dollars per product write up & receiving free product samples I support the fcc decision and their supporting of journalists and periodicals who have been abiding by these rules for many years.readers whether online, on a blog, or in a magazine should all have to abide by the same rules & play on a level playing field. Informing people that they are indeed reading an advertorial.

  • It SHOULD level the field, but IS it? I’m watching many contort themselves into pretzels to get around these guidelines, and the issue is far from resolved. Time will tell if the code of blogging conduct will prevail. If it doesn’t, the reputations of bloggers writing these paid product reviews will be destroyed, and with it a great opportunity for women to empower other women.

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