Marketing to Moms: Campbell Soup and the Recession

September 9, 2009 § 2 Comments

On September 8, 2009, AdAge had a great story on Campbell Soup and how they are helping moms deal with providing for their household meals with less.

Campbell Soup does research among 50,000 consumers annually, using more intimate ways of understanding their habits like attending dinner parties, shop-alongs and in-home interviews. That research then becomes synthesized into new recipes, products and meal ideas for Moms.

Campbell Soup marketers have been able to put a face on what Moms need now by giving a glimpse into one Mom’s life, Melissa Goida, who is struggling to provide meals for a family of five for $100 a week. She has replaced some brands for generics but generally continues to buy brands that make a difference to her children. She has cut out bottled water and juice boxes. She has cut back on casual dining and tries to cook some of those meals at home. And back to school shopping is happening later, when the kids actually need the clothes and supplies.

Here’s some research on moms’ recession spending habits conducted by The Parenting Group’s MomConnection panel this April. The top five areas where moms have cut back least reinforce the importance they place on preserving the status quo for their children:

  • Housing 81%
  • Education 76%
  • Medical expenses 73%
  • Lessons for kids 68%
  • Childcare 62%

So when they asked moms about their plans for back to school shopping, they knew there would be some adjustments. To ensure that they’re getting the most value for their back-to-school dollars, moms are employing a variety of cost-cutting tactics to save money. The most popular are:

  • 75% plan to use coupons
  • 70% will stock up on school supplies when they’re on sale during the summer
  • 48% are switching from brand-name items to store-brand or generic products
  • 43% are using hand-me-downs instead of buying new clothing for kids
  • 42% plan to have their kids re-use last year’s


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