Marketing to Moms: Clipped, Ripped or Printed – Coupons in Demand

September 18, 2009 § 1 Comment

A few days ago I was looking for a recipe using fresh figs as an ingredient because I had finally beaten the squirrels and birds to the tree in my backyard.

I googled for recipes and was taken to  As I was scrollingallrecipes over the recipe for a fig and goat cheese pizza up pops a prompt for a coupon.  It seems that has started integrating recipes posted by individuals with recipes posted by corporations promoting products like Kraft or Campbell Soup.  This viral method of delivering product information and coupons has worked.  The site has seen a nearly 50% increase in visits to the site in the past year, and has also recently topped number one site, which has dominated the top spot for years.

It seems that coupons are everywhere today – in our papers, magazines, email and our favorite websites.  There are hundreds of web sites devoted to special deals and ways to get coupons and special deals. 

According to the Promotion Marketing Association’s Coupon Council, 89% of the overall population report that they have prepared a shopping list using coupons, up from 78% who said they did so a year ago.

Not only have coupons grown in usage during this downturn, but the methods by which people are receiving them are growing.  MediaWeek recently reported:

Sunday newspapers are still the most popular way households obtain coupons at 51%.

Followed by in-store coupons (35%), mail (31%), loyalty card programs (21%), in-store circulars (20%), weekday newspapers (17%), product packages (16%), magazines (15%) and Internet sites (7%).

According to Scarborough Research, 8.6 million (or 8%) of U.S. households currently acquire coupons via text messages and/or email.  Consumers that obtain coupons via text or e-mail tend to be young, affluent, educated and female, with 14% more likely than the average adult to be between 18 and 24; and 51% more likely to be a college graduate or have an advanced degree.

A number of factors have contributed to the increasing use of text or e-mail coupons, such as the increase usage of cell phones and other personal communications devices, which allow consumers to access offers at the point of purchase. And because consumers must opt in to receive the coupons, they tend to be more targeted.

The learning –  Moms are looking for coupons – clipped, ripped or printed – and smart marketers need to be strategizing new ways to deliver coupons in a relevant, timely and savvy way for today’s customers.



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§ One Response to Marketing to Moms: Clipped, Ripped or Printed – Coupons in Demand

  • Great piece! I am fascinated by all the percentages! They took me by surprise. Interesting how so few people are printing coupons from online entities! It is a growing market, one that is not only exciting to watch, but so convenient to get the discounts I’m looking for online. Thanks for this!

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