Marketing to Moms: Is the Recession Creating New Habits for Moms Online?

September 25, 2009 § Leave a comment

Marketing Daily posted an interesting article on how the recession is causing moms to develop new habits that are different from women without children:mom with computer

“We knew they’d have different behavior,” says Jere Doyle, CEO of the Wakefield, Mass.-based online performance marketing company.

“But just how different moms are from single women surprised us a bit. Moms are looking for coupons much more frequently and redeeming them more. And the takeaway for marketers is very different—moms, for example, are more likely to say they want to hear from brands frequently.”

When asked what type of information they most like to receive by e-mail, for example, 45% of the mothers in the survey say “anything that pertains to my lifestyle,” versus 30% of the women without kids. And only 25% of the moms say, “Don’t send me anything at all,” versus 35% of the non-moms.

This interaction with the brand will ultimately translate into a more loyal relationship with moms as they look for more interaction, as long as the information they seek is provided.  The information they seek is not just limited to discounts; they also value pertinent information, product reviews and conversation with their peers.



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