Marketing to Moms: Turning Dreaded Couponing into Customer Loyalty

September 25, 2009 § Leave a comment

A new study conducted in August by Prospectiv (Wakefield, MA) finds that 72% of consumers are using more coupons than they did six months ago.  And most of those (81%) are used for groceries.  And of course, we all know why.  It’s the economy.

So how do we use this coupon explosion to our advantage, rather than discounting with no real return?  I think we need to look at the long-term relationship and creating habits with our consumer.   Knowing who our customers are will allow us to provide them the offers they want, when they need it – because if shoppers prefer the retailer, it will increase the value and loyalty of the relationship.

The study also found:

  • 80% said they would be very likely or likely to increase their use of coupons if they could be tailored to their interests and delivered online.
  • 87% of shoppers said they would be more likely to shop at a retailer that offered coupons.
  • 47% found print and online coupons equally convenient, while 9% reported online coupons were most convenient.

At the same time, we must recognize the value of the online relationship and use the discounting to build the e-mail base and offer more targeted offers.

This year, Fazoli’s launched, a mini Web site that has proven to be a huge success in driving traffic for both new and existing customers.  In exchange for their e-mail, site visitors get their choice of a variety of coupon offers that change often, giving them reason to re-visit.  The results:  60% new visitors, a dramatically expanded e-mail list, 700% increase in coupon redemption and more loyal customers that get to choose the offer that fits their needs.



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