Marketing to Moms: Ten Things You Need to Know

October 25, 2009 § 1 Comment

There I was – my first year to attend the M2Moms conference in Chicago. There was more information presented on Moms and how to market to them than there were sales at Macy’s. There were a few brave men in attendance and an auditorium full of bright, articulate women eager to learn – and share.  The chatter index was off the charts. No shy violets in the group.

For those who weren’t able to be at the conference, here’s my top ten list of things I learned. I hope it is helpful to you.

10. Co-op Parenting is a new trend, which means lots of grandparents are helping raise their grandchildren. And spending money on them. The average age of grandparents for young Moms is 48 years old. And by the way, GenY seems to connect the best with their parents, which makes this new co-parenting more friendly and not a default move.  Source:  The Cassandra New Family Report 2009

9. Slow parenting is also a new trend; it is the opposite of “extreme parenting.”  The trend is represented by “unschooling” until the first grade. Parents spend less money on children but more time with them.  Source:  The Cassandra New Family Report 2009

8.  Warning for marketers:  6.5 seconds is the time you have to engage any audience with your message, regardless of the medium. We receive 2.7 brand messages, every minute, every day. And since 74 percent of Moms think marketers don’t understand them, it seems our work is cut out for us.  Source:  Draftfcb research

7.  First-time Moms showered with gifts. Ninety-two percent of first-time Moms will have a baby shower, compared to 49 percent of second-time Moms. First-time Moms’ registry values can be as much as $15,000.  Source:

6. Go play outside! Children are spending half as much time outdoors as they did twenty years ago, leading to declining creativity, child obesity and an increase in use of antidepressants.  Source:  National Wildlife Federation

5.  Faith as a psychographic has become increasingly important as marketers try to reach a fragmented marketplace.  Ninety-four percent of Moms agree that religious faith is important in your life. Moms are the catalysts for spirituality in the family.  Source:  The Barna Group

4.  Momfluentials are a key target. Moms are the voice of authority to other Moms, and the Momfluentials are inspiring conversation among their group of friends.  Eighty-two percent of Moms see themselves as persuasive.  Source:  Fleishman-Hillard

3.  ROI should be replaced with SOI (Sphere of Influence). Accountability is important but it’s not about the number of bodies marketers reach, but rather how influential those persons are and what their sphere of influence is.  Source:

2.  Green is about the family, not the world. Moms are concerned with green products based on how they affect the safety of their family. Green is about protecting their family’s world, which will ultimately protect the planet. It’s a much more practical view.   Source:  Kiwi magazine

1.  Shift Happens! The world of marketing is changing radically. Google is your new home page. Brand management is dead, replaced by brand advocates. Ad managers have become content managers. It’s a new world out there. It takes new skills to engage fans versus communicating to passive audiences. The thing that may hold us back?  “Educated capacity,” which means that we can’t see the future because we are so educated in the past. Measured risks and innovation are called for.  Wendy Clark, The Coca-Cola Company

The opportunity for recognizing the change in families and working to create new ways of communicating to them has never been greater.  Moms say advertisers don’t understand them.  It’s time to get to know our consumer better and use that information in creative and inspiring new ways that deliver more loyal brand fans.

For more information on M2Moms, the marketing-to-moms conference, visit



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