Marketing to Moms: Facebook Part of New Holiday Tradition

December 30, 2009 § Leave a comment

It was Christmas.  The carols were streaming from our CDs.  We were cleaning up the wrapping papers from Santa’s visit and our computers were tucked tightly away in their snug cases while dreams of sugarplums danced in our heads, right?  Wrong.  The new holiday includes some new traditions.  Like checking in on Facebook on Christmas Day to see how our friends and family are faring.

According to Hitwise, this Christmas was the first time that Facebook was the most-visited U.S. site on Christmas Day. Makes sense, doesn’t it?  We all want to connect with friends and check-in on their Christmas activities as we are all strewn across the country at parents and grandparents homes.

It happened to us.  However, the news was not cheery.  I found out that a dear friend lost both of her parents the week of Christmas and had celebrated their lives on a dual Christmas Eve service.  It was a bittersweet story – a 56-year love story of two whose hearts could not face a new year without each other.  I could have read the story in USA Today but didn’t.  It was on Facebook that I found my friend and her parents’ story.  About her Mom, the original Donna Reed, pearls, heels and clip earrings to the end.  And her father, a Navy Seal in WWII who survived the USS Chicago going down in 1943 and worked until his 80s.

Here’s the story in USA Today –

Check in on your friends today.  It seems while some sociologists prognosticated that the Internet would isolate us, it has actually done the opposite.  It has brought us together in a new, more immediate way.



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