iPhone Moms: A Growing Target Audience

January 18, 2010 § 3 Comments

It seems that iPhone Moms are soon to replace the ubiquitous “soccer mom.”   A recent study from mobile ad network Greystripe finds that iPhone Moms currently make up 29.5 percent of all iPhone users.

Have you noticed that everywhere you turn someone has an iPhone now?  I see Moms comparing apps at the nail salon and looking up recipes at the grocery store.  I see young Moms handing their iPhone to their child to occupy them.   In meetings, I hear executives talking about how they couldn’t live without one – after just a few months of use.

I resemble that group.  I am a hard-core iPhone user who whips out my iPhone to check on the weather, to manage my calendar, to check movie times, to find a new recipe when I am at the store staring at raspberries, to get football game scores, to find directions, to look up a Bible verse, to Google a new restaurant and to see what the Wall St. Journal headlines are.   My favorite new app is the Southwest Airlines app allowing you to check in, check schedules and pick up travelers more efficiently.

Greystripe has a new report proving just how important our iPhones are to us.

  • 96% of iPhone Moms are involved in household purchasing decisions
  • 90% of iPhone moms use it for personal entertainment
  • 79.5% of iPhone Moms use their phones to check emails
  • 79% of iPhone Moms use their phone for shopping related activities
  • 71% of iPhone Moms have household incomes between $32,000 and $165,000
  • 60% of iPhone Moms depend on their phone to locate the nearest store
  • 59% of iPhone Moms say they let their children use their iPhone
  • 41% of iPhone Moms download apps specifically for their children
  • 41.9% of iPhone Moms use their phone to keep track of shopping lists
  • 39.4 % do comparison shopping
  • 39.4% download coupons
  • 22.5% use it as a recipe resource

View the full Greystripe report at http://bit.ly/78st4O.

The iPhone and other new smartphones are becoming a Mom’s most important accessory, providing both entertainment and order for our harried lives.  Apple expects to sell 16 million iPhones in 2010.  Marketers that have been reluctant to delve into mobile advertising should take note.  And yes, there’s an app for notes as well.



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