Marketing to Moms: Time Spent Researching Purchases

January 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

Just a note on the time we research what we are going to buy.  The more important the purchase, the more we research it.

Here are the facts, based on information gathered by and covered in The Next Evolution of Marketing by Bob Gilbreath.

Average Amount of Time Spent Researching (in hours)
A new home                                   39 hours
Major home improvements        10 hours
Car                                                     8 hours
Vacation                                           5 hours
Mortgage                                          5 hours
Computer                                         4 hour
Television                                         2 hours

Marketers need to follow the trail, understanding the research path, so that our messages intersect with the search.  The role of advertising and marketing is to make the buying process easier for the consumer.  Moms appreciate those brands that inform and educate.

The folks providing the best information will be the preferred brand.  A December 2008 study by ForeSee Results revealed that highly satisfied visitors to a brand’s home pages were 59 percent more likely to recommend the product and 73 percent more likely to purchase it.



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