Marketing to Moms: The Importance of Tech Mom

February 5, 2010 § 1 Comment

It’s interesting that there has been so much debate among Moms about the new iPad and how it will integrate into their lives.  It’s clear evidence that Moms are passionate about technology and its ability to simplify their lives and give them a sense of control.

A recent 21st Century Mom:  Tech Mom study by BabyCenter identified Mom’s 2010 Gadget Wish List.

  1. Laptop
  2. Nintendo Wii Fit
  3. HDTV
  4. Blu-Ray
  5. External Hard Drive/Back-up
  6. iPhone
  7. HD Digital Camcorder
  8. Portable DVD Player
  9. Garmin/GPS
  10. Digital Camera

These tools are the items that will allow her to manage the family schedule, comparison shop, learn, save memories, stay fit, stay connected with family and friends, keep her family entertained and not lose her self, or her location in the process.

For marketers, here’s the crucial point:  Sixty-seven percent of Moms play a key role in purchasing new technology for their family.

Adding weight to the importance of these different technologies are the things they would give up to have their most desired gadget:

  • Lipstick                                    67%
  • Manicures/Pedicures           64%
  • Coffee                                       49%
  • Flats/Uggs                               32%
  • Chocolate                                 24%

One marketer who has embraced the importance of women in the corporate office and in the marketplace is Best Buy with their Best Buy Wolf Program.  They have fostered a 10,000-person network designed to encourage leadership from female employees within the company and to drive its growing women’s market share.  The company seems to understand that both are necessary to creating a Best Buy that women will want to patronize.  They say that for Best Buy to be a great place for women to shop, it has to be a great place to work.  And encouraging women to shop Best Buy has its rewards.  The company is seeking to grow its share of the $90 billion female consumer electronics market.  Currently they have only 16 percent of the female market.  Results point to greater sales, declining female employee turnover and growth in female employees.



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§ One Response to Marketing to Moms: The Importance of Tech Mom

  • corrie says:

    I love that chocolate rates at the bottom of what we’d give up! so true! chocolate is so important!!!!! last night i was on twitter on the laptop, iphone next to me and chocolate next to me too:)

    great post

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