WhyMomsRule.com Poll: Moms Won’t Deprive Family of Vacation This Year

February 17, 2010 § 2 Comments

In our newly released WhyMomsRule.com poll, 80% of Moms will make some type of sacrifice to ensure their families have a vacation this year.   Cost is still the primary concern for Moms, with their view of the economy tempering how they spend the household budget.  However, Moms are showing signs of loosening the purse strings to make sure the family vacation is a priority this year.

Because Moms make 80% of the purchasing decisions in the family, we thought it important to find out what type of trade-offs Moms are making.

The sacrifices that Moms are making to afford a vacation

  • Eat out less during the year                                      42%
  • Drive to a destination instead of flying                  36%
  • Spend less on entertainment during the year       33%
  • Take a shorter vacation                                              27%
  • Stay with family/friends on vacation                      26%
  • Stay closer to home                                                     25%

Moms will spend less money on vacations, making value and travel bargains important in 2010.   When asked what they want different this year, the highest response was “good value for the money” (36%), followed by “a place that keeps the whole family entertained” (29%), “an economical destination that offers a variety of affordable accommodations/activities” (25%) and “a place we’ve never been to” (25%).

Cost and safety top the list of travel concerns this year

The primary travel worries for Moms this year are cost and safety.  Seventy-seven percent (77%) of Moms said cost was their top concern, followed by travel safety and security.  When asked specifically about air travel, Moms noted increased ticket cost (54%), increased/additional fees for bags, meals, etc. (51%), and safety (37%) among their considerations.

Spring break and summer top the list for travel times

The good news for the travel industry is that 57% of Moms are planning a summer break vacation and 24% said they would travel for spring break.  Spring break seems to have become the second most important travel season for families this year.

Savings and tax refunds will help pay for vacations

Further supporting their intention to economize during the year to pay for their vacation, half of surveyed Moms plan to pay for their family vacation with monthly savings this year.  And one-fourth of Moms are waiting for tax refunds to pay for that family vacation.  Another 21% are using credit cards or sharing the cost of the vacation with other family members or friends.

Download the survey results by clicking here.

For more information on spending, travel planning, use of social media and anticipated travel activities, see the full report.

Survey methodology

The online survey was conducted January 22-25, 2010, among U.S. Moms who were more than eighteen years of age, with at least one child living in the household and planning to travel with their family for leisure purposes in 2010.  Results are based on 602 responses, with a margin of error of 4%, at a 96% confidence level.

To get a copy of the press release, click here.



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§ 2 Responses to WhyMomsRule.com Poll: Moms Won’t Deprive Family of Vacation This Year

  • Betty Mason says:

    This is very valuable information for we who have invested in vacation real estate and need more activity at our properties right now! This helps us in our endeavors to make it more appealing! Keep up the good work from a mom!

    • Jamie Dunham says:

      Thanks Betty! Hope it is helpful. I think after the winter we have had, folks will be running to a vacation in the sun!

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