Marketing to Moms: Toyota Should Listen to Moms

March 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

There have been more news stories and blogs about Toyota’s recalls, repairs and runaways than you can count.  But, oh, Google can – 16.6 million to be exact.  But the one blog I read today should have Toyota alarmed.

Because if a company wants to read their fate, they should eschew tea leaves and look straight at social media.  Julie Roehm’s blog post for AOL Autos Toyota’s Female Problem:  Women Buyers Considering Other Brands gives her take on the situation, bolstered by a social media analysis from Networked Insights.

This chart clearly shows what is on the minds of women – words like report, issues, failure and damage used in social media posts show that women have decided that Toyota is not a brand to trust.

And why is that important?  Social media trends will be reflected in sales trends.   And while men make up just over half of all auto purchases, women INFLUENCE over 80 percent of them.  Moms make up a large portion of this group and are the most likely to use social media and make recommendations within their groups.

What should Toyota do?  Listen to their audience and learn how they can rebuild trust and a reputation for safety and dependability.

How do you think Toyota should rebuild trust with Moms?



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