Marketing to Moms: Should the iPad be called the iMom?

March 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

Most of the criticism surrounding the forthcoming iPad debut seems to be from folks who probably do not want or need an iPad.  But increasingly, it seems that there is a real opportunity for a tool that fills a space between the iPhone and the laptop – a space that Moms will appreciate.

This weekend I attended PodCamp10 in Nashville and heard some smart guys from Griffin Technology talk about the iPad, who confirmed some of the dazzling new benefits of the iPad.  When asked where the iPad fits into your life, they gave a couple of examples.  Cameron Daigle said it was overwhelmingly for “Your Mom” and “Your Mom” and “Your Mom.”   Mark Rowan said it would be an in-between device for many business travelers who would find it unnecessary to take their laptop.  The iPad would be small enough to fit the briefcase and become an accompaniment to their phone.

Who is the target for the iPad?  It seems that there are two Mom audiences:

There is the Mom who desires a simple device that provides for everyday home uses like reading books and magazines, checking email, surfing the Internet, watching videos, calendar entries, researching recipes and browsing shopping information. It will be easy to navigate and even the computer illiterate will find it useful.  It will fit nicely in a purse or totebag, so it will travel from carpools to dance lessons to trips out of town.  And it will sit nicely on the counter in the kitchen where it seems some 70 percent of Moms use their laptop currently, probably nervous about spills and sticky fingers.

The second audience is that group of working Moms who don’t need lots of computing ability for most of their trips.  They will find it easy to show a Keynote on the iPad, have access to the Internet and emails and be able to catch up on their reading on the plane.

Should the iPad be called the iMom?

I think so.  It would go a long way in dispelling all the bad press about male dominated Apple and the lack of sensitivity when naming the product.  And by the way, women may be their biggest fans.

We have all seen the Wired, New York Times and Sports Illustrated examples of iPad formats, but take a look at Penguin Publishing’s look at books on iPad.

Marketers should be figuring out how to make iPad work for their clients right now because the opportunities of the large screen for content and advertising will be great.



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