Marketing to Moms: Text Call to Action Increases Ad Effectiveness

March 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

Consumers are more likely to respond to a text message than a Web site advertisement

Text campaigns have moved from American Idol to mainstream American advertising with consumers more likely to respond to a text message than a Web site.

Recently, Shedd Aquarium in Chicago ran a multichannel campaign to promote its newest program Fantasea, and by combining television and an SMS call-to-action, generated 300 percent more responses than online, print or outdoor advertising.  The text call-to-action appeared in television spots asking viewers to respond with their email address and zip code to enter a contest for a VIP premiere of the new attraction.  SMS entries made up 52 percent of the total contest entries, although the mobile call-to-action appeared in only 25 percent of the TV spots.

Mobile advertising spend is estimated to be up 80 percent in 2010, showing the strength of the mobile market in motivating consumers to buy and interact with brands.  The research conducted by and Mojiva surveyed some 1,000 agencies, brand advertisers and publishers asking about their projected use of mobile marketing.

According to, the more experienced advertisers that have already been advertising in mobile foresee the largest increases in spending, indicating the ROI justifies the medium.

Texting Implications for Marketers

  • Texting is Quicker. The time it takes to text is infinitely quicker than the time it takes to go to a Web site and register, or call in.
  • Texting is Real Time. Consumers have their phones with them at all times and are able to respond in real time.  Currently 90 percent of all mobile phones are SMS capable.
  • Texting Outpaces Voice Calls. Particularly for the younger consumers, the text has replaced the phone call.  It takes less time and is more culturally in tune with the Gen Y preferred method of communicating.
  • Texting is Mobile. You don’t have to wait until you are in front of your computer.  Wherever you are, you have access to text through your phone.
  • Texting Builds a Database. By providing an email address and their phone number, consumers have opted-in to a relationship with you.  Guard that relationship. Don’t abuse it.  Provide them with offers and news that is important to their families.



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