Marketing to Moms: TripAdvisor Reviews Require a Response

March 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

According to TripAdvisor, less than 4 percent of negative reviews on TripAdvisor get a response.

The popular review site has more than 30 million reviews posted.  And while select hotels are gearing up to be able to respond to these reviews, they need to embrace and understand the immediacy of social media.  Consumers are using TripAdvisor, Open Table, Twitter and Facebook to tell the world what they think about service and how well the venue met expectations.

An article in USA Today shows how some hotels and chains are responding.

Consumers voice their concerns "in the moment" using social media

The consumer travel review is reaching new heights of importance for hotels and resorts.  Travelersare now able to voice their concerns in an “in the moment” way, and managers and owners will need to respond and use this information to improve the customer experience.  And by the way, not just negative comments deserve a response.  I was in a Hard Rock Hotel recently and had a really good experience.  The manager noticed that I “tweeted” about it and responded with a very nice “thank you” which was appreciated.

Adding to the immediacy of the response is the announcement of TripAdvisor’s new mobile Web site.

I just tried out the new mobile-configured TripAdvisor on my iPhone.  It’s easy to read and navigate by following the three main headings – Stay, Eat, See.  The new free mobile app will allow users to find restaurants, hotels and attractions via their smartphone in a user-friendly way.   And users will also be able to post reviews and comments more easily.  In the beta stage, the mobile site has attracted more than a million users.

With the advance of mobile marketing, marketers will need to employ new ways of delighting their guests.  Smartphones are the tool of choice for Moms and they are the ones most likely to enter into the conversation, registering both good and bad news.

As the saying goes,  “bad news travels fast.”  And today’s new technology has accelerated the game.



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