Marketing to Moms: Five Reasons Your Website Should Be Mobile

April 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

Making sure your website is a mobile website is becoming increasingly important for all marketers, but particularly to those marketing to Moms.

In 2010, one out of three online users in the U.S. will access the Internet through their phone, and that number is growing.
Currently 95% of all phones sold have a web browser and we use the web from our phones constantly. It is estimated that we spend 2.7 hours on the mobile Internet a day. This is particularly important to those marketing to moms because they make up a large percentage of this audience and make most of the buying decisions for their families.
Here are five reasons your website needs to be mobile:
1. Your regular website looks awful on a phone. In fact, it is probably illegible without lots of scrolling and enlarging. Mobile web apps provide phone-ready design that is easy to read and scroll. In fact, if you are designing a new website, make sure you are creating a mobile version at the same time.

2. Your competitor has a mobile app, and not only is it easier to use than your traditional website, but it is also faster. Tests have shown that you could lose up to 33% of your visitors if your page took more than 4 seconds to load on a broadband connection. Amazon sees 1% decrease in sales for each 100 milliseconds in load time.

3. Google Mobile has a separate index for mobile content. According to Joshua Odmark in a recent blog on, not only does having a separate index mean that you may be overlooked but being there may offer competitive advantage.

4. A consumer might want to make a purchase from your company. Nearly half of cellphone users think it is safe to make a purchase from their phone. Approximately $1.6 billion was purchased from a cellphone in 2009, and the number is growing. According to a Harris Interactive poll conducted in May 2009, of those who would be willing to make purchases through their cellphone, (75%) would be willing to buy entertainment items, such as movie/event tickets (58%), music (41%), mobile video or TV content (24%) and games (34%).
Many would also purchase food/drink items (68%) such as pizza (59%), fast food (42%), and/or coffee (25%), and over half (55%) would be willing to purchase hotel rooms (43%) and/or tickets for travel (40%). measures-consumer-sentiment-mobile-purchases

5. Get used to it because in five years mobile will be the standard practice. Estimates are that mobile web will overtake the desktop in 5 years. That means the number of persons accessing your website on a mobile device is only going to grow, so you need to start planning now. Advertisers think so. The growing mobile advertising market is estimated to surpass $6.5 billion in 2010.



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