What Do Women Want? – the iPhone or the Android

June 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

Currently one out of four smartphones sold is an iPhone or an Android. In April 2010, in the U.S., there were 10.7 million iPhone devices and 8.7 million Android devices.

Since the second quarter of 2009, the number of mobile phone users that have smart phones has grown from 16% to 23%. As people desire to be even more connected, the smartphone is winning as the device to have.

Moms have known this for quite awhile.  But when it comes to purchase, men and women show similar patterns of purchase for both the iPhone and the Android.  Nielsen’s latest 2010 first quarter numbers show women purchasing 46% of Androids and 45% of iPhones.

Thirty percent of traditional phone users plan to purchase a smartphone in 2010. But if you ask people which one they are planning to buy, the iPhone wins out.

In fact the smartphone is really more a smart-tool than a smartphone, with the actual use of the phone secondary to email, text, Facebook, Twitter, music. photos, games, web browsing, maps and apps.

The growth of the Android market is clearly adding to the smartphone audience.  RIM Blackberry still rules with 35% of the market, followed closely by the Apple iPhone at 28%, Microsoft Windows Mobile at 19%, and Android at 9%.  The iPhone and Android are showing the most growth in the first quarter numbers, as it seems the market is moving towards a smartphone showdown between the two devices.

In looking at the Android versus the iPhone, marketers should also remember that the iPhone is part of a system of products that relate to each other – the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad, iTunes and iBooks.  For those who are Apple groupies (I represent that remark), the interrelated nature of the software and the device are as important as the device itself.

Marketers will do well to embrace mobile marketing.  While smartphones have been embraced by the affluent, the market is going to become more accessible to all as the prices begin to fall.  People who have traditionally been less connected to the internet because of their occupation or income will suddenly become as connected as the rest of the world.

The smartphone is our tether to the real world and our transport to the digital world.  As smartphones reach ubiquity, women, the power shoppers, will navigate easily between the two universes.

And who will win the iPhone and Android war?  I vote for iPhone because Apple will continue to innovate.  But it doesn’t matter who wins, because in the end, the consumer is the winner as devices continue to improve.



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