Mobile Web Browsing: iPhone v. Android

June 14, 2010 § 1 Comment

There have been more Technology Wars than there have been Rocky movies. Some of the bigger Clash of Titans have been Beta v. VCR, Apple v. PC, Dish v. Direct, and Google v. Yahoo.  This time it’s iPhone v. Android. And while iPhone is winning in sales and actual usage, Android is growing fast.

The face-off today is mobile web browsing, and according to Quantcast,  iPhone is leading with 58.5% of mobile browsing, and Android with 19.9% of all browsing.  Blackberry is a distant fourth, behind “Other” with 10.4% of all browsing.

But the bigger story here is in the amazing Android mobile web consumption growth – moving from about 5% in January 2009 to  almost 20% in in May 2010.

Contributing to this growth has been the Verizon release of the Motorola Droid.  I know because there are two in my household, replacing regular cellphones, with cool Droids that make aggravating Droid noise.

But for Moms, their phone decision will be based on a few essential things:   the actual tasks that Moms perform on a regular basis, seamless integration with her other tools, and the physical appearance and weight of the device.

Top Mom Smartphone Activities:



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§ One Response to Mobile Web Browsing: iPhone v. Android

  • Sam says:

    Mobile web browsing is more about the Browser than the OS. That said, Android is releasing numerous devices, at great price points, on multiple carriers — iPhone remains more of an elitist tool.

    My wife and two ‘teen daughters just got Android phones (today!). And, I haven’t migrated them to better mobile Browsers than the default Browser (yet). Doesn’t matter, the love them.

    Here’s a bizarre tip: We were upgrading our AT&T plan, these phones would have cost $100 each @ AT&T on an upgrade. Shopping online lead to Wal-Mart/Mobile (please, don’t laugh). But, that lead to my wife calling Wal-Mart/Mobile where they further discounted the price if she did all 3 lines at the same time.

    3x brand new (1 week old model) Android phones from Wal-Mart/Mobile (free shipping) = $19.99


    But, the main point is that all 3 are immensely pleased. They’d all tried iPhones and preferred a phone with physical QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen. Being on Android means that their Gmail, Gtalk, Gvoice and Google Document accounts are intuitive to use. And, the mobile web experience is equal to, if not better than, iPhone.

    There’s a misconception that Android phones are not female friendly.


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