Dear AT&T, Women Want More Wireless!

July 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

Dear AT&T:

We love our smartphones, particularly those lovely iPhones you sell.  It’s no surprise that women are eager adopters of smartphones and other devices like e-readers and iPads.  We really need all that technology to keep track of our families and our lives – and we need WiFi to fuel our online habits.

With the availability of more smartphones at lower prices, the adoption of smartphones by women can only escalate.  In fact, the shipment of smartphones will rise from 246.9 million in 2010 to 506 million units in 2014.  And half of those users will be women.  And by the way, we make 85% of all the shopping decisions for our households – including the type of phones we buy!

So availability of WiFi is growing in importance on our wish list.  So Dear AT&T, we think you are making strides in providing WiFi for metro areas with the debut of your free WiFi hotspot on Times Square in New York.  But we need more. We need more free WiFi free zones in places like Nashville, Tennessee, and while we are wishing, we need our iPhones to tether to our laptops.

Then, Dear AT&T, we won’t complain about dropped calls because we will love you for free WiFi.



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