Great Taste in Marketing, Tasting Table!

July 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

Okay, so all my friends know that I am obsessed with food, cooking, restaurants and even writing about them. So I get lots of emails and magazines about food. One of my favorites is Tasting Table. It’s a lot like Daily Candy for Foodies. Well, today they send me an email telling me about their newest feature – Tasting Table To-Dos. It’s an online tool that I can save my favorite emails to and refer to it later when I want to try one of them.

As a marketer, I think this is really genius. It is keeping me connected to Tasting Table and is proof to their clients that their readers value their information.

For me, it means no more saving of emails or printing stuff off — only to lose it later. BTW – they send out fabulous chef recipes as well.

This site is a really good example of taking content and making it sticky, providing a service and pleasing the advertiser. This type of example would work for lots of advertisers or content providers.

For those who are interested, I have not received anything from Tasting Table except for my regular email. I am just excited about a really good idea.  And it will be a smartphone app soon so I can take it with me.



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