Four Important Tips for Marketing to Mom Bloggers

July 28, 2010 § 2 Comments

As marketers discover social media for their brands, there seems to be a fevered rush into the space without a lot of knowledge about the groups they want to reach.

Tip #1 Respect the Mom Blogger Universe

There are currently 2500 bloggers on BlogHer, an online community devoted to women bloggers.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.   Many of these moms have been blogging longer than marketers have been aware of their presence.  They are a strong group and have their own conferences like the BlogHer ’10 that just concluded in New York this weekend.   The sold-out conference included both experienced and novice bloggers seeking to interact at information sessions, parties and celebrity events.  Oh, and by the way, Mom is just one of several titles these bloggers wear – they are  lawyers, engineers, chefs, writers, journalists, teachers, small business owners,  community leaders and politicians – just to name a few.  Some like the title mommy blogger and others feel that it is too limiting.  So please use the title “mom bloggers”.

Now, many of these Mom bloggers are cultivating even bigger followings through Twitter.

Tip #2  Bloggers are more connected than marketers

Because they are passionate about their subject matter, they are experts on a variety of topics and seek out other expert opinions among their peer group.  Topics include adoption, arts and crafts, breastfeeding, breast cancer, entertainment, fashion, food and cooking, homeschooling, specific health conditions like autism among children,  parenting, shopping, saving money, single Moms, faith related topics, Work at Home Moms, and more.  Moms have 109 word of mouth conversations per week so just imagine how many of us are talking about back to school concerns right now.

So multiply that by these numbers –

  • 36 million women participate in the blogosphere
  • 21 million women read blogs
  • 15 million women publish blogs and are active readers

Tip #3  Read the blogs you are targeting

In Elisa Camahort Page’s recent interview with Advertising Age , she offered some pretty basic advice that marketers should heed.  Read the blogs and learn to know the blogger.  She compares bloggers to journalists and says marketers must establish a relationship with bloggers and get to know their preferences.  And if you are contacting them, always address them by name and choose subjects you know they are interested in.  A chief complaint among bloggers is being approached by an automated message.  Also, integrity is important to bloggers.  Not all promotions need to be solely about the brand.   One of the more successful promotions Page notes was conducted by Prego asking for the best money saving tips.  Prego was mentioned voluntarily, without having to be prompted.

Tip #4  Determine your strategy and allocate resources to it

Social media is not just an add-on to your current marketing plan.  You must set specific goals and determine what manpower, financial and/or outsourced resources are needed to plan, participate in and measure social media.



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