Physicians Add Smartphone to Medical Smarts

August 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

It seems that women and physicians have something in common – both are adapting quickly to the use of smartphones to make their day more productive.  Physicians are becoming more time strapped than ever, and smartphones are allowing them to use technology to make better use of their time.  Just think, they can be accessing your records online through electronic health records and be better informed than ever when they see you.

According to a recent Knowledge Networks study of nearly 11,000 physicians, the smartphone is now owned by more than half (58%) of doctors.(This compares to 25% ownership among those ages 13 to 54 in the general population, according to KN’s The Home Technology Monitor.)

And here’s how they use it:

  • 89% use them to check email
  • 90% surf the Internet on the go
  • 18% study information from pharma companies about their new drugs

And according to, some 63% of physicians with smartphones use mobile medical applications.  Included among them are drug reference apps (Epocrates), medical calculators, clinical resources, CME apps, medical dictionary apps and apps for patient scheduling.  Some are even using e-prescribing.

Important to note is the fact the adoption of electronic health records has grown to 50% among primary care physicians and 52% among specialists.  These numbers are up dramatically from just two years ago.  And it seems the number of physicians with smartphones mirrors the number of health facilities or practices with electronic health records.

I like the fact that my physician is wired to information and data online.  It seems that ob/gyn and oncology physicians are much more likely to have a smartphone and that’s good news for women. Better information leads to better decisions on healthcare.

If you are wondering, twice as many physicians use iPhones as Blackberry’s.  All in all – smartphones help make physicians smarter.



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