Women Vote: Let’s Dine Out More!

August 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

Let them eat cheesecake!

Women are more optimistic now about eating out at their favorite restaurants.  The ones that will get their dining dollars will be those who focus on experience, convenience and food quality.

Nation’s Restaurant News reported on a new Market Forces survey conducted in May/June 2010 that showed that one in four (25%) of consumers plan to eat out more and eight percent of consumers planning on eating out less.  That’s a marked improvement.  Results  from the survey conducted in 2009 showed half of all respondents said they would eat out less.

Market Forces surveyed 5,000 persons.  A whopping 76% of those surveyed were women, and half had children in the home.

Here are the reasons families are eating out:

More than half of respondents eat out to spend time with family and friends.

37% eat out to celebrate special occasions.

41% eat out when they are too tired to cook.

23% eat out when they are pressed for time.

And thank goodness, 38% are still looking for a great tasting meal.

So what’s for dinner? Cheesecake Factory was identified as a clear No. 1 favorite brand. The Cheesecake Factory earned 6 percent of the favorite-restaurant vote from consumers and scored a category best 13 percent of respondent votes when the votes were indexed to the number of locations for each chain.

Restaurant chains should be focusing on things that matter to families wanting face time, are a little stressed out, too tired to cook, time starved and want a great meal.



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