Marketing to Women: Why iPads Are Preferred Over E-Readers

August 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

Remember all the smack talk about the iPad before it launched?  Yep, we were told that women hated it.  Techies hated it.  The only people who would use it would be those older computer phobic types.  Well, it seems that all that talk was trash talk.

Here are some interesting facts about the iPad and e-readers in general:

There were more iPads sold in the first three months than the total number of e-readers in existence. There were 3 million iPads sold in 80 days, compared to the 2.1 million e-readers in existence in January 2010.

The iPad is a formidable threat to e-readers and gaming devices. After owning an iPad, 49% said they would not purchase an e-reader, according to an in-depth study by Resolve Market Research reported in Mashable. Amazon and Barnes and Noble have reacted to the overwhelming success of the iPad by dropping their prices on their e-readers.

New iPad users are coming from the dark side. Yes, I said it.  According to the Resolve study, some 37% of new iPad owners are new Apple customers.  Some say the new iPad is a gateway product that will introduce iPad users to the full complement of Mac products.

First purchasers were more male and professional but the number of women is growing. The first owners were young professionals or highly mobile individuals aged 22-45, but in the second wave of purchasers are 45+.  And research finds that women favor the iPad.  No doubt, because they are the readers, the social media experts and the researchers of the household. In the Yahoo user analysis, the company found that the percentage of women iPad users has risen from 34 percent at launch to about 39 percent now.

The iPad is one cool entertainment machine. For people who intend to buy the iPad, the main reasons are entertainment (58 percent), cool factor (42 percent), convenience (40 percent) and brand (28 percent).



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