Marketing to Moms: How Moms Use iPads

August 30, 2010 § 1 Comment

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Today is Day 9 as an iPad owner,  and coincidentally, eMarketer had a great post today on how iPad usage is shaping up.  I thought a comparison of their findings with my own usage (Working Mom + Branding Consultant) would be interesting to the other working Moms of the world.

In the eMarketer post,  a UK survey by copywriting firm Cooper Murphy Webb found that iPad owners are using it  to large extent for entertainment purposes. More than two in five said they used the tablet at least 10 hours weekly, and almost a quarter said it had become their primary entertainment device, ahead of TV and trailing PCs by just 9 percentage points.

Another study, qualitative research from Ball State University examined how attitudes toward iPads changed after owning one for 24 hours. According to the report, “A Play Date with the iPad,” study participants found the iPad was best for leisure activities. Content creation was seen as too difficult on the device but ideal for content consumption.  What participants liked in particular was iBooks and the eReader functionality.

In the UK study, the iPad was considered the No. 1 delivery method for newspapers and magazines, and its popularity for books was even greater: 41% of iPad owners preferred to read on the device, vs. 36% who liked hard copies better. iPads were also the top gaming device for owners of the tablets, beating out consoles by 2 percentage points.

I think reading will continue to increase with the use of the iPad.  A recent survey quoted by the Wall Street Journal — conducted by Marketing and Research Resources Inc. — found that more than 40 percent of respondents said they now read more on their e-readers than they do in traditional print sources. The survey drew from a pool of 1,200 e-reader owners, who owned either an iPad, a Sony Reader or an Amazon Kindle.

So here’s my take on my new iPad and my personal usage:

E-reader: I have used it extensively as a reader downloading four books, three free and one paid, and apps for several magazines and newspapers.  I was very excited to read The New York Times yesterday while propped up in my bed.  I spend most of the afternoon reading a new historical novel “The Red Queen” yesterday and was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the reading experience and the ability to curl up in a chair with the iPad actually more easily than a paperback book.  As I was reading, it was easy to pull up some online background on the Tudor lineage to aid my reading experience.

I was talking with Mom friends on Saturday night and they are using their iPad to download homework helps and fun books for their children.   They also think the eReader as a tool for high school and college students will become a necessity in short order.

Email:  It’s a great way to review emails while you are catching up on all your reading.  The ability to easily view and surf sites related to emails made it a desirable way to connect easily to related content.

Shopping: One of my kids has a birthday coming up and I have used it a couple of times to do research on items that I was interested in purchasing and will continue to use it for that purpose.  It is much easier than using my iPhone or my laptop.

Food/Cooking: Everyone knows my passion for food and cooking.  And as figs ripen in my backyard, I browsed recipes on line.  My Epicurious never looked better than on my iPad.  And I can’t wait for the new iPad Gourmet out this fall.

General Surfing and Business Research: I found that having the iPad available when reading enhanced the research that I do for blogs and work related material.

Social Media: Yep, I have Facebooked and Tweeted from my iPad.

Content Creation: I have not posted a blog yet from my iPad but I see the day coming.  The keyboard is not for long writing but will certainly work in a pinch. I think I will make an external keyboard purchase at some point.

Keynote: One of the reasons I purchased the iPad is the ability to use Keynote.  I am looking forward to loading a presentation to my iPad for a future business meeting.  I actually was in one meeting where an iPad was used for the presentation and was impressed with the ease of use.

Meetings:  I have taken the iPad to meetings and was able to easily reference websites and share with others in the meeting.  I liked the ability to leave the laptop at the office and still have accessibility.

WiFi v. 3G: I have not connected to the 3G capability and have only used the WiFi connection.  I have only had one occasion where WiFi was not available when I wanted to use the iPad.

Entertainment: While I have apps for entertainment ready to go, I have only used Pandora.  However, I think I will use it for viewing videos and movies when I have downtime and when I travel.

Photos: It’s like having a photo album with me at all times.  I love that!

The Bottom Line on My iPad Usage:

Okay, to be fair, I am an Apple devotee.  The simplicity of use and the ease of connection between all my tools is worth the extra money you pay for an Apple product.  I loved it before I had it, and I love it more now that I am using it.  The apps, the long battery life and the syncing ability make my heart race with happiness.  I have already loaded my iPad up with apps from the Holy Bible to Wired Magazine.  And I bought an iPad case that can be a stand as well.

I think I will use my new iPad more for research, reading, shopping, and reference at business meetings than for heavy content creation.  That portable keyboard will be my next purchase.  For entertainment, I see using it for travel particularly.

For reading, I will definitely prefer reading magazines and books on my eReader. The ability to easily surf the web for additional information is a real joy.   It’s definitely one of my three tools – taking the in-between place between my iPhone and my MacBook Pro.  And in short order, I will not remember how I lived without it.



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  • This validates how I thought I would spend my time on the iPad (once I get it) plus offers some additional uses I hadn’t thought of — Keynote and recipes specifically. I can’t wait to get mine and see if I use it as much for business as I’m anticipating.

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