Marketing to Women: Flippin’ Incredible Flipboard App

September 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

Magazines move over.  Flipboard is here.  It is flippin’ incredible! And women are going to love it!  It’s already number 19 on Apple’s most downloaded  free iPad apps.

Flipboard is a breakthrough type of app for reading online material that is accumulated and presented back to you in a magazine format.  So my new Flipboard has a grouping of “my magazines” created by my interests and content.  And not only are they my magazines, but they are continually updated.  My magazines are social magazines — my Facebook, my Twitter, my technology, my health.  It is a compilation of all my tweets, all my Facebook Wall, all of my favorite blogs miraculously flowed into a magazine format.

How did Flipboard come about? USA Today reports the CEO got the idea when he was on a flight with a stack of magazines.  “A magazine is so much more beautiful than what’s online,” says McCue, Flipboard’s CEO. “Content online still lives as if it’s the mid-1990s.”

Why are women going to love it?

Women love magazines.  Media Post reported that the total female audience for popular magazines increased 13.3%, from 297,606,000 in spring 2000 to 337,337,000 in spring 2009, compared to a total male audience of magazines that increased 13.1%, from 102,115,000 in spring 2000 to 115,527,000 in spring 2009.

We love variety. There are nine categories on Flipboard. You can customize based on your interests (tech, entertainment, world news, style, social media). The content is picked up from Twitter feeds published by media companies.

We are the social media mavens. According to a comScore study, Women on the Web: How Women are Shaping the Internet, social networking sites reach a higher percentage of women than men globally, with 75.8% of all women online visiting a social networking site in May 2010 versus 69.7% of men.  Women spend significantly more time on social networking sites than men, with women averaging 5.5 hours per month compared to men’s 4 hours.

We want it personalized for us! For the ability to personalize and customize our lives to our liking, Flipboard rules.  If we want a double shot skinny latte with hazelnut, then Flipboard is the perfect accompaniment for our coffee break reading.  Women have moved far beyond monogrammed towels and personalized notecards.

Important to Marketing to Women

As tablets and readers become more prevalent, women will be adopting these new type of media for their portability, instant access and easy reading abilities.  Marketers best start looking at ways to be part of their “individual” magazine.


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