Marketing to Moms: The Mancession and Laborless Labor Day

September 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

The media dubbed it The Mancession  because 82% of Americans who have lost their jobs are men, but it is women who are having to deal with it.  Households continue to be stressed by lower incomes, longer hours on the job and rising concerns about a double dip recession.

Pew Research Center reports than more than 50% of all working adults have  suffered unemployment, a pay cut or reduction in hours.  Of those, an estimated 26% (or 36 million) of the 139 million currently employed workers in the United States suffered at least one spell of unemployment during the Great Recession that began in December, 2007

Wall Street Journal has a great interactive graphic on unemployment by sector and gender that chronicles the job losses since January 2008. The sectors that have not lost jobs include healthcare, education and government.  Of course, education is seeing a boost from students and unemployed who are either staying in school or going back to school.  And women have historically been overly represented in healthcare, education and government jobs.

But women in the service industry are beginning to see the balance change.

Most of the job gains have gone to men.  All of the 71,000 job gain in private payrolls in July went to men.  A net 72,000 new jobs were held by men, while the number of jobs held by women declined by 1,000. For the year so far, private payrolls for men have expanded by 558,000 jobs; for women, they’ve increased by just 72,000.The reason for this may be the recovery in manufacturing,a more male-dominated industry, versus the lackluster growth of  the service sector where women make up a large portion of the sector.

Nervousness still abounds.  According to a Pew Study, only 38% of the re-employed say they are being paid more now than at their former job and just 28% say their current benefits are better. Most Americans feel that it will take three or more years for their families to recover.  And until that happens, Moms will still keep a tight rein in spending.  Until then, Moms who are working outside the home or not will be buying private label, using coupons, deal shopping, cutting back on expensive vacations and limiting visits to the physician.



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