Marketing to Women: Gourmet Tailgaters Spend More

September 13, 2010 § 1 Comment

Football tailgating conjures up images of smokin’ grills with all the basic foods – hot dogs, burgers and brats.  Football fans love to tailgate.  And as Americans get more sophisticated about food, so do our tailgating parties.

Now here’s a score you have got to love, no matter what your team.  According to the latest Weber Tailgating Study, one-half of today’s US tailgate grillers have gone gourmet before the big game.  Fifty percent of those surveyed report that they consider themselves to be either “gourmet” food grillers or “between a gourmet and a basics” food griller (22 percent and 28 percent, respectively).

Here’s the news for retailers:  While “basics” tailgate grillers spend an average of $441 in groceries per year for their parking lot parties, “gourmet” tailgaters spend an average of $1,001—a whopping 127 percent more. This comes out to an average of $106 per tailgate for the basics group vs. $165 among the gourmets.

What’s on the menu? Move over hot dogs and burgers.

Gourmet grillers rank their favorite four parking lot foods as chicken (43 percent), ribs (39 percent), brats (37 percent), and steak (33 percent) while basics grillers rank their favorite foods as hamburgers (70 percent), brats (45 percent), chicken (42 percent), and hot dogs (42 percent).  Gourmet grillers are also more likely to grill seafood as well.

How will you know the Gourmet Grillers?

They are the ones with the full-size grills and large parties.  Gourmet grillers tend to go all out compared with the basic grillers.  And they have an average of 20 people at their rocking party, compared with the 14 at the basic griller’s party.

Who tailgates? One out of eight people.  Using their smartphone.

Overall, 12.5 percent of Americans over age 18 have tailgated in the last 12 months—attending an average of 3.4 tailgates each. Those ages 24-34 are more likely to tailgate (19 percent), followed those ages 18-24 (17 percent), and then those ages 35-44 (16 percent).

Half of tailgaters are using their smartphone, for cooking tips, scores and checking in with fans.

Recession or not, we love our football!

We may have put off large purchases or that big vacation, but come Saturday or Sunday in the fall, we are at our grills for football season.  It’s a tradition that makes us feel good.  So a little splurge on ribs and brats to spruce up our party is an easy thing to do.



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