Marketing to Moms: Six Truths About Female CEOs

October 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

Are you surprised at The Wall Street Journal story declaring 11 of the top 12 female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies as Moms?  If you are a Mom, you weren’t surprised.  Where did they learn their multi-tasking capabilities?  As Moms of course.  Seems Moms are more likely to reach the corner office these days because of these talents, rather than in spite of the Mommy Track.

Some of the things you learn as a Mom in the work force:

1.  Staying Connected.  Most Moms learned the ability to be connected 24/7 from parenting.  Of course  you need to know where your 16-year old really is when she says she is going to a sleep over.   So a mobile phone is a necessity.  And yes, you need to be able to text to communicate with a son who won’t answer a telephone.

2.  Managing a Budget.  Mom may be CEO at work but she has long been CFO at home – managing a budget, saving for college, buying new tech tools for the kids and the HDTV for her hubby.

3.  Healthcare Provisions.  Mom knows when someone in the house needs to go to the doctor and has already done the research online.  She also works on the household wellness program, turning off the television and taking the kids on a walk.  Why can’t she make the same provisions for a corporation.

4.  Interpersonal Relationships.  Anyone who has dealt with sibling rivalry could write a book on Fighting Fair and Respect in relationships.  That’s information that is important for the boardroom.  And as Mom, sometimes you have to make the decision for the group.

5.  Social Media Skills.  Your social media skills have been honed trading information with other mothers and researching information to make your Mom job easier.  Those social media skills make your more aware of the need for new engagement strategies for business.

6.  Fully Realized Persons.  You also learn as a Mom, the endgame is not about you.  It’s about aiding unique, wonderful people become the best they can be.  So you must listen and encourage.  And the satisfaction of seeing those people succeed is priceless.  Another good lesson for business.



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