Holiday Marketing to Hispanics: Navidad más feliz

November 18, 2010 § 2 Comments

$47.26 More Feliz Navidad for Hispanics than Non-Hispanics

During the holiday season, Hispanic consumers (yes, that means Hispanic women) spend on average $730.30 compared to non-Hispanics’ $683.08, or $47.26 more.  And they even sneak in more purchases for themselves – $141.95 versus $104.46 for non-Hispanics.  This data comes from a BigResearch study on Hispanic holiday spending trends.

Here are some other differences between Hispanics and non-Hispanics:

1.  Hispanics list clothing and accessories as their number one gift this year, versus non-hispanics who prefer gift cards.  Also indexing high among Hispanics are electronics and beauty items.

2.  Quality and customer service are more important in determining where they shop, versus discounts or price; even though 67% say the economy will affect their spending plans this year.  Discount stores are still the number one shopping destination, followed by department stores.

3.  Hispanics are twice as likely to use their smartphone to research a purchase. The Hispanic population is generally younger and 67.6% own a smartphone compared with 57% non-Hispanics.

4.  According to comScore, online Hispanics value opinions, recommendations and reviews of others. They are more likely to search the internet (43% Hispanic v. 37% non-Hispanic) and comparison shop (39% Hispanic v. 31% non-Hispanic).  And they have more positive associations and are more receptive to online advertising.

Marketers should remember that one in every six persons in the U.S. are Hispanic, and half of those were born here.  Those born here are viewing both Hispanic and non-Hispanic advertising.  They are mobile, tech savvy and young.  And they are an important market that should not be ignored.



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