Marketing to Women: Top Ten Posts for 2010

December 28, 2010 § 5 Comments

The holidays are over and 2010 has been a rocky recovery year.  What was on our minds this year?  Here’s the 2010 Top Ten Posts from The Lipstick Economy.  Thanks to all of you who read us regularly, and thanks for the many comments.  Happy New Year to You All!

1.  Marketing to Women:  Groupon or Groupoff?  10 Facts You Need to Know.  Yes, this was the most read blog post this year.  Groupon came on the scene like gangbusters this year.  Part advertising, part social, part brilliant.  Just when prognosticators said that email was dead, a little marketing tool that allowed small marketers to have a big direct method of communicating.  Yes, Groupon comes with good and bad news.  Even Google courted Groupon this year, but the engagement never produced nuptials.

2.  Marketing to Moms:  Smartphones are Mom’s Best Friend.  Back in April, we talked about how smartphones are the smart tools that Moms need to manage their lives.  No secret that smartphones have continued to be a connector, a shopping tool and a life manager.  Oh, and you can use them to call people too!

3. Poll: Moms Won’t Deprive Family of Vacation This Year.  This early sign that families were tired of staying home was an early prognosticator of the economy slowly improving.  We are all smarter and more frugal shoppers, but we won’t continue to deprive our families of a little fun.  Seems that family travel was the fastest growing rate of all sectors of leisure travel in 2010.

4. Marketing to Moms: What Women Want in Healthcare Healthcare was certainly on everyone’s mind this year as the whole country struggled with defining health care reform.  Here is a simple list of what women want in healthcare – personalized attention, access and the same technological benefits that we get from our major retailers.

5.  What Do Women Want? – the iPhone or the Android This was the year that the iPhone finally got some competition.  And I actually know people who have ditched their AT&T plans to follow their bliss with Verizon and a Droid.  Yes, I live in a divided household.  My husband and son are Droids – sounds like Celtic tree worshippers, doesn’t it?  My daughter is a die-hard Blackberry Crackhead.  And there is moi – the iPhone lovin’ mama who can’t imagine anything else.  But seems that 2010 was the year of the Android.  The Android OS dates back to 2007, but it only held about 5 percent of the global market for smartphones at the end of 2009. As of October 2010, according to comScore, that share had surged to nearly 25 percent, and it’s surely grown since.

6.  Marketing to Moms: Don’t Forget Hispanic Moms How can we forget them?  One in six of every U.S. resident is Hispanic.  They are the second largest consumer group.  And they are not just one big amorphous group.  Many are more comfortable with English even though they identify with the Hispanic culture.  So much for marketers to learn about these large, more traditional families.

7.  Marketing to Moms: Daily Deals for Moms Wow, this is the year of group buying sites.  Here is the story of some friends who are doing the group buying site right so that both consumers and retailers benefit.  And of course, the reason they understand the market so well is because they are Moms too.

8.  Mobile Web Browsing: iPhone v. Android The battle continues with Android now taking up a 25 percent share of total mobile web consumption in the US, according to Quantcast.   Apple’s iOS is seeing its share decline from 67% in May 2009 to 56% in August 2010.  But the real note here for marketers is that mobile web browsing in increasing by leaps and bounds.  If you are not optimized for mobile and have a mobile strategy, shame on you.

9.  Marketing to Moms: A Just Cause Moms just like brands that want to to good things, that want to help others, who have an altruistic mindset.  As we have seen, the power of brands like Tide and Toms to bring good to others is an ever more important aspect of marketing.  In our post, Marketing to Moms: Women Have Power to Help, we focused on embedded generosity and the fact that a healthy 53% of Americans will choose a company that allows the consumer to impact donations by tying it to a purchase.

10.  Smartphone Women: Shopping With The Rich and Mobile Are the rich like you and me?  Well, they probably are, but they certainly have all the latest technology and adapt to its use faster than the general consumer.  That’s why they are the first to use those fancy smartphones as a shopping tool.  During the holidays, we have seen that smartphones have become our biggest holiday helper, Marketing to Moms: 6 Ways the Smartphone Will Be Ms. Santa’s Little Helper.

I find it interesting that the most read blogs all deal with strategic shopping, smartphone adoption and some of the biggest issues of the year – healthcare, Hispanic assimilation and families working their way out of the recession.

For the future, I wish you a prosperous and healthy New Decade filled with smart and savvy ways to reach America’s number one consumer group.



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