Marketing to Women: Flipboard v. Pulse News Readers

February 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

I have just recently started using Pulse from Alphonso Labs on my iPad and have been assessing the differences between Pulse and Flipboard for women’s usage as a general news reader.    I can’t decide which app I like the best because they both have a place for me.

And both work so well on iPad.  And they both fit with the way that we use iPads.  The iPad can be a work tool but most of us are using the iPad as the go-to leisure time reader.  It is the mobile device that we favor for couch surfing, travel, and bedtime reading.  Research has shown that consumption of articles in an iPad raises dramatically in the evening hours from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.  Pulse fits perfectly into our evenings and weekends.

Here are some of the differences I have noted with Flipboard and Pulse:

1.  Flipboard calls itself a social magazine and rightly so.  I really like the magazine look and I confess, I always get a little thrill to see my Facebook friends and pics so nicely displayed. Flipboard is (with the permissions you give it) looking at your social relations across all sites in order to offer you the most personally relevant content on them. On Flipboard, you can also upload content.  Pulse is more like an aggregator of headlines with slick visuals added even though they have added more social features.

2.  Pulse provides access to a variety of your favorite magazines and websites through its easy scrolling design. It allows you to arrange your feed content into easy–to-browse, scrolling headlines with picture thumbnails.   I look at one of the category pages and its like looking at my favorite publications spread on the coffee table waiting for me to choose one.

3.  Since women are the leader in social media usage, social media becomes important in both reading and sharing.  Both provide easy ways to share information in social media. I love seeing my Twitter in the Flipboard layout.  It’s easy to read and I see things that I might have missed otherwise.   In November, Pulse added three different Facebook streams – news links, status updates and my wall –  so you can incorporate your own Facebook content in a unique fashion.  And this month Pulse added six popular social media sources:  Reddit, Digg, Vimeo, YouTube, Picpiz and Flickr.

So for those of you who haven’t made a decision, you really can’t go wrong with either or both of these stunning iPad apps.




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