Marketing to Moms: Smartphone Adoption By Moms Up 64%

March 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

More news keeps coming out about the early adoption of smartphones by Moms.  Here at The Lipstick Economy, we have been noting this phenomena for the past year.  The latest study, Baby Center’s “21st Century Mobile Mom® Report, shows the smartphone as more indispensible to Moms than the ubiquitous minivan.  In fact, more than half (53%) of the moms surveyed said they purchased a smartphone upon becoming a mom.  Moms are 18% more likely than the average women to have a smartphone.

Adoption of smartphones among moms has risen 64% in the past two years, and 51% of moms say they are “addicted” to their smartphone, taking them everywhere, including bed and the bathroom.

The transition to Mom can also be tracked through the popularity of the features they use.  Upon becoming a mom, the most important features of the phone change from address book/texting to camera/video camera.  Apps become more important as well, with Moms have ten or more apps downloaded, with one out of four being for her kids.

Other important job for the smartphone include:

Health and wellness.  One-third of Moms have used their smartphone for health and wellness activities.

Social networking.  Duh.  Reading social newsfeeds (56%), updating her status (54%), and reading answers to posted questions (48%).

Shopping.  68% use their smartphone while shopping.  46% say the most convenient time to receive info about a product is when they are in-store.  62% use shopping apps to research and compare prices.

Media Consumption. Seems we spend 37% of our daily media time with our phones.  To put that in perspective, that is double the amount of time we spend on TV and other media.  78% use email on their phones, and Moms are 284% more likely to text than call their friends.

Mobile Ads. 46% of moms have taken action after seeing an ad on their smartphone.  We like coupons, nearby local deals and bar code scanning deals.

No doubt the growing adoption is because of the growing availability of both iPhones and Android versions of the smartphone.  Smartphone adoption will only continue to grow. In a recent Social Moms survey, some 54% of those without smartphones are actively thinking about getting one, and 65% of those are going to purchase one within 90 days.

Fast forward five years and will our smartphone have replaced our keys, our laptop, our camera, our GPS and more?    I can’t wait!



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