Marketing to Women: Royal Fever Hits Social Media

April 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

An article in Hollywood Reporter shows that the royal wedding is getting a royal share of social media.  In the past seven days, the event is getting one mention every 10 seconds and is exponentially growing.  Technology firm Greenlight measured an average of 9,000 posts a day on online media relating to the Royal Wedding, with wedding “haters” outweighed by positive comment by a ratio of 6:1.

“Interestingly, Facebook (public posts only) and YouTube account for the smallest share of voice, just 8 percent and 1 percent respectively, compared to online news sources which currently account for the largest share of posts, 30 percent,” the research says.  Blogs follow closely with 29 percent,  then Twitter (17 percent) and Forums (16 percent).

Of course, we girls know exactly what people are talking about.  Posts about Middleton’s dress (23 per cent), the guest list (20 per cent) and gifts (18 per cent) were the most popular.

The royal wedding is expected to be one of the year’s most watched events globally, with some estimating viewership of up to two billion people.  Palace officials have said that as well as live streaming of the wedding, there would be a live blog and integrated Twitter feed, underlining how technology is changing the way the royal occasion is viewed around the world compared to past events.  How utterly modern of them!

Certainly, we colonists are more “gaga” than most British.  We are buying full size cut-outs of the happy couple, picking out fake rings, planning all sorts of parties and avidly following every crumb of wedding cake news.

It seems The Lipstick Economy is part of the 29% of blogs dishing on the Royals.  And, in true confession, we are having a little Anglophile wedding reception ourselves to celebrate the happy couple and Britain’s way of helping the U.S. economy.  Champers please.  A toast to William and Kate!


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