Mother’s Day 2011: I Wish My Mom Had Known Facebook

May 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s almost Mother’s Day, and I am waxing sentimental about the most important woman in my life (until I met my daughter).  My Mom passed away a few years ago, never having owned a computer, not wanting a cellphone, complaining about the VCR and only mildly interested in cable television.  But my mom was a born connector.

She loved talking to her friends, her neighbors, her nurses and her family.  And at 90, she still wrote letters and cards to us all.  On her last birthday, she spent the whole day visiting with long-lost friends and getting calls from far-flung family.  I would often dial her up to get the “news” in my hometown.  She always knew what was going on with my old high school buds and twice-removed cousins.

She would have loved Facebook because it would have combined the best of her worlds – photos and news in a constant stream.  And she could have kept up with what she called the “organ recital” – the various health conditions of her friends.

Today, email and Facebook are the top choices for sharing knowledge.  A new survey, “How U.S. Moms Share & Spread Health Information 2011 Report, found that moms who share health information use email and Facebook as their top choices for sharing information.  84% use email and 69% use Facebook.  And that’s also where moms hear about new things.  On a daily basis, 98% of Moms check email, 84% visit Facebook, 60% visit a news web site, and 60% still talk on the telephone.

Word of mouth is still the primary way that information is spread, and my Mom would have really enjoyed being part of the social part of social media.

And as far as my daughter and me.  She blocks me on Facebook, but loves me on Twitter.  One of her recent tweets:

By the way, here’s a fun video from Twitter about Moms on Twitter.


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