Reaching Out to Bloggers: Hello, Five Facts You Need to Know

May 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

Some brands have been working with bloggers for quite some time and others are new to the fray.  BlogFrog and eMarketer has some interesting data that should help you understand how to approach bloggers to promote your brand.

1.  Women bloggers are a diverse group but most are Moms.  BlogFrog surveyed female bloggers and discovered three-quarters (73%) of those surveyed were moms, and eMarketer estimates four million mothers will write a blog at least monthly this year.  These moms are talking about a wealth of subjects, so don’t assume these are blogs just about babies.  The wealth of topics is immense.  And by the way, never call them “mommy bloggers”.  The top blog categories include family parenting (18%), lifestyle (9%), crafts/DIY (8%), food (7%), product reviews (7%), and deals (5%).  Some 47% spend less than 5 hours per week on their blog, but 54% spend more than 5 hours per week on their blog.

2.  Brands must form a relationship.  Nearly six in ten prefer to work over a prolonged period of time with just a few of their favorite brands. while some 23% are more casual in their approach.  The brands they tend to like and want to spend time developing a relationship with are varied.

3.  Don’t assume they will all want to talk about your brand.  Two-thirds of women bloggers reject at least half of the pitches they receive.  The most frequent accepted activity was posting a product review on their blog.

4.  Don’t assume you have reached most women bloggers interested in your brand. Bloggers are passionate about the things they write about and did not start blogging just to make money.   Some 58% of female bloggers have never been approached to participate in a brand campaign.  Others receive dozens of pitches each year for everything from direct advertising to Twitter parties.

5.  Get to know the blogger and your success goes up.  Bloggers are people too.  They like to know that the brand representative has actually read their blog.  Bloggers also want to know they can be free to express their true opinions, and they want to have more than a one-night stand.  Hmmmm, where have we heard this before?

Personal ethics are valued by bloggers.  Most say the way they personally feel about a brand influences their decision to write about it.  Bloggers are consumers too, and 70% of bloggers trust a brand more when that brand is promoted or recommended by someone they know from a blog or social media.  And they seem to trust a brand more when there is an element of social good involved in the campaign.

How do you recruit bloggers?  There are a variety of ways used – word of mouth, social media, email, tapping into blog or brand communities and conferences and events.  Just remember – make sure you know them, know what they write about and try to cultivate a respectful relationship with them.



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