Marketing to Moms: Charged Up About Smartphone Shopping

June 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Well, here I am.  Stranded by delayed planes and reflecting on my virtual world.  During the past three days I have used my phone incessantly for most everything but talking.  I confess, I did call make five calls during my trip, but I have tirelessly dealt with my business and travel needs with a variety of my tech tools, not the least of which is my smartphone.

In the past three days, I have photographed locations for reference, looked up three different restaurants and read reviews on them, navigated my way through an unfamiliar town, rebooked my air reservations, changed the pick-up time for my airport shuttle, retrieved my boarding pass, shopped hotels for my next trip, texted my travel companion for meeting times, kept up with my calendar, answered endless emails, read the news, searched the forecast, shopped a little Groupon, texted Mavs/Miami scores with my son, checked Facebook and Twitter,  and listened to some music.

For all of these activities, I have used some of my favorite apps – Google voice search, Southwest Airlines, Urbanspoon, Google Maps, and TripAdvisor.  I have compared prices, bought tickets and shopped.  Keeping my phone charged is just as important as putting on my make-up in the morning.

The latest Greystripe survey of 239 mothers, whom Greystripe recruited using mobile banner ads in its network,   showed that 66% acknowledged that their smartphones play a role in their shopping trips.  The top job was locating stores (45%) and the second most common job was comparing prices.


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