News Bulletin: Social Media Drives Sales

June 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Sometimes we just need a good research study to support what marketers have known for a while.  Integrated marketing that uses social media can actually drive sales.  The study that points this out was done for the quick service restaurant category (fast food to you and I).  The Integrated Social Media Sales Impact study, from Ogilvy and ChatThreads, indicates that individuals exposed to social media are significantly more likely to increase their spending and consumption than those who aren’t exposed.  The impact was greatest when social media was combined with other types of media.

Here’s some of the startling facts (if you have been living in a cave):

Compared to unexposed individuals, people exposed to the following brand media touchpoints were much more likely to have increased their spending or consumption than others:

  • Social media only exposure: 7x greater likelihood of higher spend (observed for KFC)
  • Social media PLUS billboard ads (out of home): Approximately 2x greater likelihood of higher spend or consumption (observed for the entire QSR category in aggregate)
  • Social media PLUS TV ads: 2x greater likelihood of higher consumption (observed for Wendy’s)
  • People exposed to social media PLUS news stories or editorials spent 17% more week-over-week (observed for the QSR category)

So many marketers are trying to make social media do all the heavy lifting.  I think this research is right on- a prudent marketing approach uses social media as one of the touchpoints.  In fact, it takes other forms of media to create an audience for your social media sites.

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