Holiday Spending: Fourth of July Tops in Grilling

June 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s the happiest time of the year for the thrill of the grill. Some 64.4% of Americans will grill out this weekend.  According to the 22nd Weber Grill Watch Survey, those who are grilling say Independence Day remains their favorite grilling holiday at 81 percent, followed by birthdays at 67 percent, Labor Day at 66 percent, and Memorial Day (61 percent). Father’s Day is fifth this year at 48 percent.

Girls, Get Your Grill On!

Men are still the primary griller in most US households (61 percent) with 20 percent of households reporting that it’s a shared responsibility among men and women.  Of course, that means that the women are inside stirring up the potato salad, baked beans and flag cake.   And what are we grilling?   Hamburgers (69 percent), Steak (46 percent),  Chicken pieces (42 percent), Hot dogs (39 percent) and Ribs (17 percent).

What Are We Spending?
A new survey released by Visa Inc. shows that Americans will spend an average of $216 on travel, food, beverages, entertainment, fireworks and other items over the Fourth of July holiday.  But just like men grill more, it seems that men spend more.  The survey showed that men will be spending a good bit more than women – an average of $247 for men compared with an average of $182 for women.  The cost of the grill-out will be only $61.16.  Could the difference between men’s and women’s spending be a beverage budget difference?  Many are staying at home this year for those cookouts because of the rising cost of gasoline.
I’ll be at home.  My husband will be grilling, my sweet Marine son will be home for the weekend, and we will have friends over.
God Bless America!  Oh, what about the flag this Fourth?  There’s a factoid for that too!  Pew Research says that 75% of display the nation’s flag in places such as their home, workplace, car or on their clothing.

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