Marketing to Women: Circle of Friends Keeps Growing

July 11, 2011 § 2 Comments

I had an increasingly frequent and enjoyable experience this past week.  I met one of my online friends, Jen Myers, for coffee this week.  It was our first face to face meeting, because although we have corresponded through social media for quite some time, we had not met in person.  Jen is a great business woman, Mom and socially conscious person.  I met her originally because of her ability to use her coupon skills to help fill her local food bank, and now she is part of the growing Daily Deals for Moms.

Average Facebook User Has Never Met 7% of Friends.

Evidently my experience is not too rare.  A just-released Pew study on the ways people use social networking found that on average Facebook users have about 229 Friends, with the majority of their total friends list being comprised of people they know, but the average Facebook user has never met 7% of their Facebook friends in real life.  The friends they know come from the following groups:   22% of old high school friends, 12% extended family, 10% coworkers, 9% college friends, 8% immediate family, 7% people from extracurricular groups and 2% being neighbors.

What is remarkable about women having virtual friends is that for the first time in history, women’s social networks are expanding, at all ages.

Recent research from shows that boomer women are the first generation of women in history whose social networks are expanding at mid-life and beyond. It seems that mid-life women, such as myself, are in personal contact with at least 46 persons a month, and 65% share information online with others in their network.  One of the most important facts about boomer women is their reliance on consumer reviews if the source is knowledgeable/experienced. They rely on references on websites like (70%), (54%) and TripAdvisor (27%).

It’s such an interesting phenomena that women of different ages, lifestyles and cities who share common interests can meet online and develop friendships.  That’s why women rule social media and will continue to make strong online relationships.


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§ 2 Responses to Marketing to Women: Circle of Friends Keeps Growing

  • I agree – it’s amazing how much our circles are expanding. Just a few years ago it would have been impossible to have all the contacts we have now. Can’t help but wonder what some of the great women of yesteryear would have been able to accomplish with the technology of today. Would we, as mere mom mortals, feel even more overwhelmed?

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