Marketing to Moms: Sharing Healthcare Info on Facebook

August 14, 2011 § 3 Comments

For Moms, Facebook is like the neighborhood coffee shop, the park playground and the backyard fence.  It’s the place where Moms are sharing important information about everything, including health.

I was reminded of that in a powerful way when I had the opportunity to interview a young mom who had faced life-threatening health issues and overcome them.  She explained how important Facebook had become to her – it was a way to give back by sharing information about her cancer treatments and her heart surgery.  She had been both encouraged and rewarded by her time sharing health information with others.

So when I came across this recent study from Lucid Marketing and, I thought it confirmed how women share health information.  The report finds that technology that connects friends is a top choice for moms seeking health-related information.

The research shows that  84 percent of Moms often share health related information via email and 69 percent often share via Facebook. Email and Facebook are also the places where they most often hear recent news – email (83 percent) and Facebook (76 percent). Only 65 percent choose television.

Pew Research also confirms the importance of social media in healthcare in their 2011 Social Life of Health Information Study:

Of those who use social network sites (62% of adult internet users, or 46% of all adults):

  • 23% of social network site users, or 11% of adults, have followed their friends’ personal health experiences or updates on the site.
  • 17% of social network site users, or 8% of adults, have used social networking sites to remember or memorialize other people who suffered from a certain health condition.
  • 15% of social network site users, or 7% of adults, have gotten any health information on the sites.
For healthcare marketers who are unsure about the role of social media in their media mix, it’s time to create a social media strategy.  First, determine the job you want for social media and choose your target audience. Is the job to communicate key messages, inform about events and activities, or cultivate important communities?  Social media requires the same type of planning that all other media requires – objectives, a message strategy, conversation, consistency, and measurement methods.

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§ 3 Responses to Marketing to Moms: Sharing Healthcare Info on Facebook

  • hjluks says:

    The evolution of Facebook in healthcare is in its infancy. Given the overall slow adoption of social tech by docs and hospitals this is not surprising. The Pew Internet Study revealed that this is the time and this is the place. The medical profession needs to “wake up” and realize the potential they have to not only initiate inbound marketing initiatives, but to aid in the education of those who are thirsty for knowledge about their disease or injury. Unfortunately fear and lack of tactical legal and marketing advice leaves many lurking from the sideline. From an Orthopedic Surgery perspective, since starting my page a few mos ago … I have been very intrigued by how people use it to share not only info on healthcare or a particular malady … but how they share they feelings, emotions, thoughts about a practitioner, office staff member, surgical results, etc.
    I enjoy sharing with my patients outside the 4 walls of my practice and find that my presence on Facebook help me “humanize my practice” and presence.

    Nice piece… thanks

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