Marketing to Women: Pinterest Rules!

February 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

Women are the social media experts and they have deemed Pinterest the new ruling site.  I confess, it’s pretty addictive.  It’s a social bulletin board where people can easily post visuals they’d like to save and share. It’s great because you can save any picture you see online and post it to a specific board of personal likes – travel, food, craft projects, clothes, home decor and more.

Women love inspirations – and Pinterest organizes all those wonderful idea-starters that we used to tear out of magazines and stuff into notebooks and drawers.  I got it immediately.  For every house we have built or remodeled, I had very detailed inspiration photos that helped shape our new homes.  It’s even better than our own because we get to see our friend’s inspirations as well!

Real Simple magazine recently reported that it drove more traffic to their website than Facebook.  Pretty incredible.  Big name brands are jumping in – folks like Nordstrom’s, Land’s End, Etsy and more.  Some people say “Pin it” is the new “Google it”.

Pinterest now has more than 7 million unique visits per month. Pinterest drives more referral traffic (3.6%) than YouTube (1.05%), Google+ (0.22%), and LinkedIn (0.2%) combined, according to Shareaholic’s January 2012 Referral Traffic Report.  Okay, so Facebook, StumbleUpon, Google and Twitter still do a pretty incredible job.  But here is some of the power of Pinterest.  Collecting images rules at Christmas. Pinterest grew 44% from 2.5% of referral traffic in December 2011, after owning just 0.17% of the traffic in July 2011.

It looks like Pinterest users are primarily women (70%) because it is a place to house all of their interests.  But men could find it useful for do it yourself or home projects.

How Should Business Use It

Business should make sure all of their content includes terrific visuals that lend themselves to be pinned.  Make sure you know how to use Pinterest and use it consistently so that you are visible.  You can curate your content on boards that make it easy to find things.

Happy Pinning!


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