Marketing to Women: 10 Cool Ways to Use Pinterest

February 26, 2012 § 2 Comments

There is certainly a lot of buzz about Pinterest.  Of course, it’s popular, driving more visits than many hot social media sites.  It’s a women’s social medium – 70% women , most under the age of 45.  It’s fun, it commands users’ attention, but how as marketers do we use it to our advantage.  Here are some tips that might help you.

1.  Add a Pin It  or Follow Me button to your website and set up boards on your own Pinterest page.  Real Simple, the print magazine whose editorial embodies the Pinterest’s female-skewing demographic, has found huge referral traffic from Pinterest, beating out referrals from Facebook in the month of October 2011.”  Real Simple has 53 boards on Pinterest and 39,926 followers.  Nordstrom has 31 boards and 10,515 followers.  Pinterest is a top traffic driver for women’s magazines like marthastewartweddings.commarthastewart.comCooking Light‘s websiteCountry Living and Style.

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2.  Use Pinterest to promote a special offering.  Starting in February, Lands End is using Pinterest to promote their Canvas products.  The product site,,will feature a “Pin It” button on product pages, providing shoppers a simple way to pin fashion finds directly onto their own Pinterest boards. Lands’ End Canvas recently launched a successful contest on the site. The Holiday Pin it to Win it contest asked Pinterest participants to create a virtual pin board featuring Lands’ End Canvas products for a chance to win one of ten $250 Lands’ End Canvas Gift Cards.

3.  Showcase interesting ideas and uses of your product.  Take the example of Kate, hair stylist and jewelry maker, who started her blog ( only one year ago. For the first eight months, she had a grand total of seven readers.  But between August of 2011 and January 2012,  Kate has had over 10 million page views because of Pinterest. She pins photos of really attractive hair styles on Pinterest and directs them back to tutorials on her blog.   Kate has now gained 16,000 blog subscribers and 23600 Pinterest followers in just a few months.

4.  Use the Facebook connect to foster more social media interaction.  The site now connects with Facebook enabling users to automatically post new pins to their Facebook feed for others to see. This means more eyes from other channels get access to your pictures. However, for now, you still cannot connect Pinterest to your Facebook business page so you might want to have your brand ambassadors help you out.  You can also sign up through your business Twitter account, assuring that your pins are noticed on Twitter.

5.  Make your boards the best on a particular topic.  If you want to be known for a specific topic, you need to build the board with intent, curating great images or topics.  Make sure they follow your SEO strategy.  So your business is not a visual one, what to do?  Make sure your curate blogs around topics of interest to your target.  Maybe you have photos of your culture or projects or work styles.  What about infographics or data charts that support your premise?  What about great quotes or books that are pertinent to your business?  What about pictures of your customers, maybe enjoying your product.  You could encourage a guest gallery that others could pin to.  The Today Show has a special board with antics from their anchors to help develop personality.  Of course, they have an Oscars board posted today.

6.  Use Pinterest for research.  What a great place to be able to understand your customers likes.  It’s a delight to see what they pin and their “pins” might give you ideas for other product or service offerings.  See the infographic to see if your target audience is active on Pinterest.

7.  Celebrate with your followers.  Post a board that is specific to a holiday or an event.  Valentines ideas were all over Pinterest, but you could use a board to also support an upcoming conference or trade show.

8.  Link, Link, Link.  Don’t sell, but make sure that all of your relevant pins have descriptions that include a link back to your website, blog, landing page or video.  Also use hashtags that relate to boards you have developed.

9.  Non Profit Uses of Pinterest are huge.  Curate readling lists with books and blogs that are important to your cause.  Post photos that help support fundraising events.  Picture the many good things that you do on a page.  Use it to celebrate your important landmarks.

10.  Follow brands that you admire so you can learn from them.  We have mentioned several brands here that do a good job but there are many more.  Even Mashable has its own Pinterest page.  Etsy is doing an amazing job in curating ideas for their customers.  Whole Foods has a great page.  Who knows?  Maybe I will be talking about your Pinterest page soon.

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§ 2 Responses to Marketing to Women: 10 Cool Ways to Use Pinterest

  • Nice job Jamie! Thanks for writing this.

    To expand on #6, Pinterest can be a great collaboration tool to use with your customer.s We often use it in partnership with our customers to find inspiration for our cakes. We may ask a customer to create a board with things they like and use that as inspiration for the cake.

    And certainly, as you mentioned, it’s a great tool to find inspiration for your products. In our case, we often use it to help inspire cake designs and find new trends. For example, we recently created a Christmas cake for a cake blog where we used burlap as the inspiration after finding for items related to “burlap holiday” on Pinterest (Here’s the cake



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