Marketing to Women: The Most Important Three Hours

March 4, 2012 § 2 Comments

There is a great blog I follow called the Guru of New.  Yes, I just like the name, I like her irreverence. And she seems to be a reformed advertising exec like me. This Sarah Brown, Guru of New, knows some great things about social media.  And here is one:  That Twitter post of yours may have a life of only 2.8 hours after you post it.  A Facebook post may go strong for 3.2 hours, and your YouTube video might keep going for 7.4 hours.  It seems that has measured what it calls the “half-life” of a socially-shared link. By half-life, it means the point in which a link has received half the clicks it will ever get.

Take a look at this chart.  But don’t despair.  There are some things that you can do to keep that amazing tweet, thought, blog post, picture or video alive longer.

Here’s where knowing something about advertising comes in handy.  It seems that if you tweet your news a second time a few hours after the original tweet or Facebook post, you actually pick up as much as 50% of the original traffic generated by the tweet.  So what does this have to do with advertising you might ask?  Well, it’s the old theory of reach and frequency.  Not everyone you know is on Twitter or Facebook constantly.  So repeated messages have the ability to be read by new audiences when they are posted again.

A good friend of mine Michael Gass says that you should look at your most popular posts, rename them and repost them again – if the subject matter is still relevant.  Just don’t wear those posts out, or your friends that follow you.

Another Fact I Stumbled Upon

Here’s a great infographic from SocialMediaToday that shows that the only social media that can keep going, and going, and going is StumbleUpon which has a half-life of 400x Facebook and Twitter.  So make sure you are using StumbleUpon.


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